Mission Statement

The Career Service Review Office administers the Utah State Employees’ Grievance and Appeals Procedures for executive branch employees, Utah Code §§67-19a-101 through 501.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ (Including Filing Timelines)
  • The Career Service Review Office is an administrative court for executive branch employees of the State of Utah, providing due process to executive branch employees who have been dismissed, disciplined, or subject to other agency employment actions. See the FAQs at the link above for more information about the grievance process and who is eligible to file a grievance.

Statutes & Rules

  • Grievance Procedures (CSRO Statute)
  • CSRO Rules
  • The CSRO statute and rules govern proceedings before the Career Service Review Office. When you file a grievance, you should review this statute and rules. Become familiar with the hearing rules before your Level 4 hearing.

Grievance Form

  • CSRO Grievance Form
  • New grievances should be filed using the CSRO Grievance Form. You may attach another page describing your grievance if necessary. Send your completed form to You will hear from the CSRO within 3 days of filing this form.